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What do I mean when I say “Don’t Box Me In”? Well I’m going to tell you. I started working when I was 16 years ago. Always going into someone else’s business clocking in. For a while, I did it because I figured that’s what was required of me and also I wanted the paycheck. It wasn’t until I started writing books that I realized clocking in for other people is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I enjoyed the freedom writing brought me. I also loved the fact that I was able to make a living working basically for myself. Besides turning my book into my publisher I pretty much do my own thing. From there I knew that I didn’t want to technically work for anyone else following me going full time as an author. Being an author has been fulfilling. I’m able to bring my imagination to life and share it with other people. After being a full-time author for over a year I started my own business, Branded By Tay.

I started Branded By Tay this year. It’s a company where I offered services to people trying to brand themselves. That means logos, websites, flyers, brand kits, etc. Well, unfortunately, I believe I jumped the gun when it came to starting this business. Although I did research and such I knew it took more than self-taught lessons to be a skillful logo maker, however when it came to websites I managed to do well. Anywho I took a step back from Branded By Tay so that I can figure out exactly where I wanted to take it. I’ve been doing some planning and I plan to keep my business going but taking it a whole different route. I’m excited about the relaunch.

Now following that I continued to write, except I didn’t just want to limit myself to books. I started to take my blogging more serious as well. If you read my blog post “Get Back Up” then you know how I struggled the beginning of this year but I never gave up on my writing. Now here I am blogging, trying to build my fanbase. It’s a lot of work and patience. One thing I had to realize was that I needed to build my audience up before I could be taken seriously. Right now I’m working on building my Instagram following @Thatsalltay_x3, as well as building myself as an influencer. It’s a lot of work trying to manage the two but with working at home already it’s slightly more manageable. I had to learn how to split my time and balance my workload. Anyways now I’m blogging and writing books full time but I’m still not satisfied. In my blog post “Second Half of 2019” you know my goal is to have three SOLID incomes by summer 2020, I also promised to start another business by then, which btw I have, launch coming soon!

So let me make sure I’m stating all this right. I’m a full-time author, blogger, own a business and I’m in the process of starting another business as well…that’s a lot of shit! OH wait I forgot to mention, I also started selling planners and worksheets to help other authors, can be found at One would think I would be drained right? WRONG, it actually makes me hungrier.

Now I’ve been told that doing too much and being all over the place can limit you. A lot of people focus on one thing and make it work but I’ve never been that person. I’ve always worked better in hectic situations. Procrastination has always been my friend but it worked. Anyway’s I’m getting off topic.

Back to my original question “What do I mean when I say “Don’t Box Me In“”? I don’t want to be limited to just one thing. I love writing, rather it is books or blogs. I enjoy being able to express myself how I want to without anyone making me clock in or relying on anyone. I love, the independence, writing brings me but there’s more I enjoy too. I want to be a voice that people follow. I want to break the generational curse in my family and build a legacy for my future children. I want someone to look at me and see a women that wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted. More importantly, I want to find my thing. Right now I don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love writing but I don’t know where I want to end up with it. When it comes to my businesses I pray one of them takes off somehow.

Look at Rihanna, my shero btw. She started off as a singer, now she owns a successful makeup company, she’s an ambassador, owns a clothing brand, has a deal with LV, she has a shoe brand, and still, she’s doing music, well eventually, lol. Beyonce is a singer, she has a clothing line, does movies, signed a deal with Netflix, was just in the Lion King, and yet she still does music. Hell JayZ has a plethora of business ventures and no one bats an eye. I bet no one is trying to box them into four walls, they took a chance and went after what they wanted.

Those are only some names but you all get the point. I want to be versatile, I want to have multiple streams of income from different sources. Eventually one of them will take off. I don’t want to be limited to one thing. I don’t want to be confined.

For anyone working on their dreams or want to step out there comfort zone I highly encourage it. You never know what will take it off. It’s just like I said in my “Think I Found My Niche” blog entry, I didn’t want to be limited to just an urban author. I wanted to be able to write and succeed in different genres. Same goes for my career and business ventures. Don’t let anyone hold you back from trying something new. I did for far too long and eventually had to take a leap of faith and do what was best for me.

Do any of you feel boxed in? If so how do you plan to fix it. Let me hear it in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Don’t Box Me In

  1. I’ve felt boxed-in my whole life. The world says, “You’re a ____, you can’t be a ____ too.” The hell I can’t! Why not both? Why does life have to be blank-and-white, or binary? Yeah, I’m an athlete I CAN love books and Star Wars too. Yeah, I’m an app developer, and I CAN be a personal trainer and a blogger in my spare time too. Putting people into boxes seems like the symptom of a fixed and limited mindset. I hope I never do that to anyone.

    When life gives you two options…why not both? Why not a third, or even a tenth?

  2. I think that you should do what you like, without listening to what other people say. If you love to be involved in many different things then go for it, why not? There’s nothing to lose!

  3. I really was so close to giving up on my blog because of how much stressful it is to focus on both my blog and my classes but reading your post really inspired me to keep going. Thank you.

  4. I love your blog. I love to write poetry and write blogs, and I love the feeling of freedom that I get when I’m writing. Working for other people is a sure-thing, and although being an author or poet isn’t a sure-thing, you have to try. This blog reminds me of the old saying, “Do what you love and the money will come.” Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congrats on achieving the dream as a writer. I will be looking for one of your books now. I have tried and found the process frustrating. Perhaps it is just something I was not meant to do. 106K words, 80 submissions to agents, and near as many rejections. You definitely take a beating in the process.

  6. I used to be “boxed in” when I was young but as I grew older I learned to appreciate everything what life has to offer. I used to be just a music person but I also enjoy doing sports and art even though I’m not really good at it. But though practice, I learned to master my craft. Thank you for the inspirational post!

  7. I loved your drive and ambition. I share some of the same aspirations and am working toward them. We definitely have the great millennial mindset.

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