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So the past few weeks have been a 90s kid dream! Disney and Pixar have released three back to back movies that have been beneficial to my childhood, Aladdin (live action), Toy Story 4, and Lion King (live action). If you’re a kid at heart like me then you appreciated all these and were excited when they were announced and even more excited when they came out. Well let’s talk then, did Disney and Pixar meet expectations?

*Some spoilers included*


So overall I feel like Disney did a great job when it came to making a live-action version of Aladdin. The cast was well casted and I felt the chemistry within the cast. When the cast was first announced I wasn’t sure how I felt. I didn’t get an Arabian feel from the two lead characters who were playing Aladdin and Jasmine, but seeing the movie I think they fit in well. My only complaint when it came to the movie was how slow it was before the genie was introduced. Now mind you it’s following the animation so I can’t blame the movie. I felt like the movie didn’t have life until the genie, played by Will Smith, was introduced. He brought a lot of character to the movie and cast. Without him, even though the movie was well cast and followed along with the animation well, the movie wouldn’t have been all that in my eye. Will Smith has a natural appeal to him and I feel like he demands the room when he’s on-screen. Outside of Will, I think the writers and cast did a good job with the musical acts and displaying them. I loved the scene where Aladdin is “first” meeting Princess Jasmine as Prince Alan, it was quirky but cute at the same time. I also liked how they wanted Princess Jasmine to take over after her father, in the animation I believe she was against it. I loved the dancing scene with Aladdin when he was trying to impress Jasmine as well. Last, I liked how they gave genie a love interest instead of just setting him free at the end. So overall it wasn’t a bad remake, but I think bringing Will Smith in as the genie set the cast and movie. Overall I rate this an 8/10.

Toy Story 4

Okay so… I LOVED THIS MOVIE! In all honesty, I felt like the Toy Story franchise should have ended after the third movie after they tried to kill all the toys with that crazy bear, but I was happy they did a part 4. The movie gives you closure with the toys we 90 kids grew up loving. The movie deals with Woody trying to deal with life after Andy. He’s trying to adjust and it’s not an easy adjustment. All Woody knows is how to be a toy. He’s so determined to be the “perfect toy” for this new kid he’s with that he goes on an adventure trying to save Forky, who is a spork that’s made a toy, by his new kid. He’s so determined to make his kid happy that he almost misses out on his happiness. Toy Story 4 took me on an emotional rollercoaster if we’re being honest… whew, I thought part 3 had me in my feelings. Unlike the last three movies part 4 doesn’t focus on all the toys, they make appearances but they aren’t relevant like the other movies. This movie is getting Woody to follow his heart and in the end, he ends up choosing love with Bo Beep, over going back to his kid. Woody becomes a lost toy after years of being a claimed toy WTH! When Part 4 was introduced I did not see that ending coming or it taking that direction AT ALL. The movie, however, fit the theme of choosing love, all the other toys supported Woody’s choice and everyone was happy. Honestly, I think part 4 was the best out of all the movies, not including the original of course. I feel like it showed the toys more developed and it gave you them in a different light, especially Woody. Now with all the good, there has to be so bad. Although I liked that fact that Woody ended up with Bo Beep FINALLY, I didn’t like that they changed the dynamic of the movie. The whole theme of the movies had been “you got a friend in me” now all of sudden Woody leaves his friends for a girl? Not all movies have to be a love story. Another complaint is the lack of all the other toys. Yes, they had some scenes but not nearly enough like the last three movies. I loved the other toys and the way they added to the movie. I wish they would have had more scenes especially Rex, Buzz, and Mr. Potato head. Overall I liked the movie and it kept my attention from the beginning. I’ll rate it 9/10.

Lion King

So can I start by saying The Lion King is my FAVORITE movie! I used to watch it every day and pretty much say it word for word. When I heard that they were making a live-action I was kind of hesitant but once I saw the cast I eventually got on board. Disney…. WTH did y’all do to my movie! Honestly, I felt like they could have kept this live-action. It was a disappointment in my eyes. Now given they took an animation of animals and made them come to life and then did voice-overs, which was neat but they dropped the ball with this in MY OPINION. How you ask? Well, I’ma tell you.

  1. The very first scene with Scar was brought in completely wrong. Now I know they changed certain scenes and added to them but they butchered that one. They dragged out the mouse chase scene for one. Scar wasn’t black or dark which is very symbolic, and when Zazu was brought in he wasn’t even threaten by Scar. I don’t know it just set the tone for the movie and I knew I wasn’t going to be happy.

  2. Simba’s voice. The voice they chose to play Simba didn’t fit his character. In fact, I felt like Simba was more arrogant and whiny in the live-action. Now given in animation Simba is arrogant and a brat but I think the live-action overdid it. Also when he became a full-grown lion he was a PUNK. They had him chasing BUTTERFLIES! Like seriously, that killed it for me. Nothing about him gave me a courageous feel.

  3. MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT! The lack of emotions the movie had. For one when Mufasa died I felt NOTHING. Simba barely sounded effect by it. The scene in the animation was so sad that I still tear up. Now they might not have been able to give Simba tears but they could have made it more sad or dramatic, I was highly disappointed. Then when Mufasa comes back to give Simba the encouragement to go back and fight Scar for the kingdom was BUTCHERED! They didn’t have Mufasa’s face in the clouds, they changed the whole conversation he had with Simba, and they didn’t have Simba chase the storm. I’m sorry but that’s one of the biggest scenes in the movies. It’s the second changing point in the movie (after Mufasa’s death of course) for them to not play it out like the actual movie or downplay it in a way was a HUGE disappointment. Simba gets the strength to go fight Scar after Mufasa reminds him who he is and they didn’t play that out at all! The movie lacked the emotions that made Lion King so great and it sucks because it took away from the movie.

  4. The scene where Scar talks the hyenas was dropped too. They took away Scar’s whole musical scene. Scar’s musical number was a very good part of the animation. They took away the hyenas marching, the green lava flaring up, it was just annoying. They didn’t even have him working with the hyenas at first. The comedy in the hyenas was taken away which again, took away from the movie. The hyenas were barely even scared of the lions.

  5. The story had inconsistencies as well. Zazu was there when Mufasa dies and Scar even tells him to go get the other lions for help but when he’s explaining to the lions what happened to Mufasa he says he didn’t get there in time. Zazu never speaks up and corrects it either. It’s not a big deal I guess but something I noticed.

  6. My last complaint was trying to make Nala more relevant than she was. Now i get it it’s Beyonce playing her, so they wanted to make her pop but seriously Nala was only needed to get Simba to come back. Them trying to create beef with her and the leader of the hyenas didn’t fit because it was made to seem like a long beef but it was never addressed other than the big fight. Nala demanding the lion’s attack was far fetch and shouldn’t have even been apart of the movie. In the animation, the lions attack after Simba forces Scar to admit he killed Mufasa and that’s the changing point where the lions finally take charge again, now all of sudden Nala is throwing out demands… OH OKAY.

Honestly, I had more complaints about the movie but I don’t want to complain too much. With all the negatives, there were a few things I liked about the movie. I thought they did a great job with Timon and Pumbaa. They captured the original characters perfectly, even if they did cut out some of the good scenes with those two. Them using James Earl Jones as Mufasa was GREAT! Being that he is the original Mufasa it helped the movie dramatically. If they would have gotten anyone else I was walking out, lol. Outside of Scar’s musical number being cut down the other ones were played out very well. I also liked the way adult Nala was introduced in the live-action. They also did good casting Beyonce for Nala I felt like she fit Nala’s personality.

I don’t know, maybe my expectations were too high when it came to the live-action but I felt like they dropped the ball. The lack of emotions and changing key scenes being the biggest ones. I’ll stick with the animation. I’ll rate this 5/10.

Alright, Disney the next movie y’all doing is Mulan, hopefully, y’all crush that one! If y’all haven’t y’all should go check out one of these movies or all. If you have seen them comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Wow I guess waiting for the blu-ray was the correct thing for me. I loved Aladdin and the lion king. Aladdin in the animated didn’t pop until Robin Williams appeared the market scene was good but the genie made that movie in the animated. But once I heard scars be prepared music scene was cut out and the hyenas comedy too. I said I wait. Thanks for confirming what I thought on the lion king. Go job on the review blog.

    1. I agree, the genie made both movies! Brought personality to both! As for The Lion King, I hate to talk bad on it because I love the animation and I wanted it to do good but I don’t blame you for waiting! Maybe you might like it though.

  2. I loved Toy Story aswell! And totally agree with your review! My nieces and I have made our own Spoon toy! I’m yet to see the lion king but I can’t wait!

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