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Recently I was on Twitter and I saw a tweet saying men shouldn’t ask women how many sexual partners they had. The tweet got a lot of reactions from both males and females. Some guys didn’t care while others said they would want to know if the girl they were with was “ran through”. The females, however, said it wasn’t the guys business what happened before them, some admitted that they had no issue telling the truth. WHEW…

So I went to facebook and asked my friends on my timeline does the number of sexual partners a female have matter. A lot fo the guys said it didn’t, they said that we’re grown and all the people in the past were just that “the past”. Some guys commented that they did want to know and that it would play a part in how serious they took the girls. Female friends commented on the post and some said they lied about the number they would give out, others said they would reverse the question and ask the guy about his partners.

My intake on everything is it’s no one business who or how many people you’ve been at. At the end of the day, we are all adults most have us had had more than one sexual partner. It shouldn’t matter how many. Most guys are in double digits anyways running through anything that looks at them (not all, but most). Us females don’t hold it against them because we just don’t care. As long as the person we’re sleeping with isn’t slinging the D around the world at that moment we’re dealing with them and has a clean bill of health then everything else doesn’t matter.

I used to have the mindset that women that have had a lot of sexual partners were “hoes”. I mean technically they are if you look the word up but at the end of the day what’s wrong with a person minding their business and doing what they want. Who are they hurting by sleeping around? Who they open their legs for doesn’t interfere with your life, so why should you care.

At the end of the day, the past is the past. If you’re letting the body count on a person stop you from being with them it’s time to grow up. Now, of course, no one wants to be with someone that everyone has been with. It’s different if the person you’re trying to be with has a well-known name and they are constantly being talked about but if they aren’t why open up that can of worms. It’s like the saying “don’t go looking for trouble, because you’ll find it”

It’s 2019 more people are comfortable with there sexuality. More people are open to sexual things. It’s a new age. Why should be someone be punished because they’re comfortable with sex?

As always, I would love to hear your comments on the subject below!

5 thoughts on “Should The Number Of Sexual Partners Matter?

  1. Great topic! This is actually one of the topics I have for my upcoming podcast.

    I with you though. It shouldn’t matter what someone DID, focus on what they are doing now. We ALL have a past, big or small, so instead of digging up something of that nature be mature and handle the situation at hand. If it’s not going to change your mind, do you really need to know? Think about it!

    1. Exactly! Too many people get caught up in the past and stuff that has nothing to do with them! It’ll ruin a relationship before it starts! I would love to hear your podcast and discussion when you talk about this topic!

  2. As long as your being safe it shouldn’t matter. It’s an insecurity thing for men I think because they want to be “the best she’s ever had” and with more conquests the harder that makes it? I have no idea I’m just guessing lmao

  3. People should really worry about their own timelines, just because your number maybe low doesn’t mean you were practicing safe sex. Go your own speed and the rest will follow.

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