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This Chris Brown’s newest song “Need A Stack” off his new album “Indigo” caused an uproar in the black community this past week. Mainly with his female audience. In the song Brown says he “Only wanna fuck the black bitches with the nice hair”, whew chile he should have kept that comment to himself. Instantly the internet attacked him for the line, saying it was disrespectful and discriminating. A lot of women felt like he was talking about dark skin and natural hair women.

From this, another artist Tokyo Vanity goes on Instagram and exposes how Brown had a section in an LA club and allowed all her friends to join except the dark skin one. She then goes on to say how Chris Brown must be on a lot of drugs and so forth. The internet from there ran with it and started calling Chris Brown a colorist. Saying how he hates black women and how he was “canceled”… yeah okay.

Anywho, I personally don’t think the line was that bad. Maybe he shouldn’t have referred to the women as “black bitches” but outside of that, I didn’t see the big issue. When he said nice hair I assumed he meant girls that keep their head done. No one wants anyone that walks around with unkempt hair.

Now the colorist thing makes sense. Chris Brown obviously has a type, all of his past ex’s are light skin and are similar looking but I don’t think that makes him a colorist. Personally, I just believe he likes, what he likes. We can’t get mad at this man because he doesn’t like dark skin or brown skin girls. We all have a preference when it comes to dating and what we do and do not like. I know like hell I do. Outside of that who cares who he dates. It’s his business.

Now let’s talk about what Tokyo says about him not allowing dark skins into his section. Is that right? HELL, NO, it’s discrimination and sad that people still think they exclude someone because their skin color but once again that’s his section that HE paid for. He can say who he does and don’t want in in his section. Does it make it right? No, but again what can we do about it.

It is unfortunate that so many women were offended and talking about not listening to his music anymore because women are his primary audience. Chris Brown was already on thin ice with the female population after his altercation with his ex-girlfriend with Rihanna back in 2009, when Brown beat Rihanna up. He lost a lot of support and respect from a lot of his female audience, myself included being that I’m a huge Rihanna fan. So for this scandal to happen right now isn’t good for him.

A lot of women are saying they don’t understand how other colored women can defend or be okay with what Chris Brown said but truthfully I just didn’t see the lyrics to be that bad. Artist have said way worse things in songs that are truly degrading and disrespectful to women but yet we’re sitting here going after Chris Brown for mentioning his preference. Personally, I don’t think the issue would have blown up if Tokyo didn’t comment on the situation and go on a rant about it.

In no way am I defending Chris Brown’s choice of words or actions. Some of the ways he replied and reacted to the backlash he was getting were unprofessional and offensive. Him making a video saying “All the angry, uglies that’s mad at what I said, post a picture of what you look like” was uncalled for and disrespectful, some of the comments he wrote back weren’t needed. I think Chris should’ve just made a general statement explaining the lyrics and moved on.

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to this topic and situation. Not everyone is going to feel the same way but at the end of the day, that’s someone else opinion. It is sad that dark and brown skin women get a lot more backlash than light skin women so I don’t blame them for being offended or upset. As women we are already looked down on and not respected add the color of how light or dark our skin is, is just crazy.

Hopefully, for Chris Brown, this issue doesn’t hurt his album sales or blows over for him. I think it may be hard for him to make up for this issue. Anyway, I like his “Indigo” album and play it often.

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