My latest trip I took was a cruise to the Bahamas for a friends birthday!

At first I was scared as hell. I didn’t like the fact of being in the middle of the ocean on a huge ship. Not to mention I’m a beginner swimmer lol, but once on the ship I forgot all about being at sea. The cruise ship was called Carnival Ecstasy.

The crew made the ship fun and enjoyable. There a lot of different activities to do on the ship as well. On board there was a comedy club, a nightclub, a casino, tons of bars, dancing, and plenty of food. The crew also organized a lot of different shows and events for us too. All those things made all the anxiety I had disappear. There was also a pool, hot tubs, mini golf, a track, and ping pong. Most of the time when I wasn’t doing an activity I was laying on the deck in the so reading or watching an event that was going on.

So once we were on the islands I was taken away. The scenery was beautiful. The water was gorgeous and it was just overall a great time. The first island we went too was Half Moon Cay. It was a huge beach with different things to do if you wanted. The only down side was it was HOT as HELL. I spent half the time in the water instead of laying out on the beach. I can’t complain the island was nice, the weather was nice, and the people in the island were nice as well. While in the island I seen fish in the water, which was cool. One thing I would honestly say is make sure you have A LOT of water and sunscreen!

The second island we went to on the fourth day was Nassau island. This island was more city like. They had a lot of different stores and shops for you to visit and a lot of different tours and activities you could do. I did the sea tour that included snorkeling. Now I didn’t snorkle because like I said earlier I didn’t like being in the middle of the ocean. The fact that we were on a smaller boat with no barriers didn’t help with but the experience was fun. It was my first time on a sail boat and I was scared at first but eventually I calmed down. Other things you could do on the island was ride horses, swim with dolphins, bar crawl, and an island tour. If we had more time on the island I would have forsure tried some of these things but I was content with what I did.

Once back on the boat the crew had a number of things lined up. There was a show called Love & Marriage, which was a game show type show seeing how much couples knew one another, It was very entertaining. There were two concerts from the crew, which were AMAZING!! I saw two comedy shows on the last night. They also did a mock version of Lip Sync Battle. On top of all that there were different deck parties and a lot of other shows and things going on.

If you’ve never been on a cruise I would high recommend you do so. I am looking forward to doing another on in the future!

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