Last June I went to Vegas for the first time and let me tell you… I HAD A BLAST!

Well first let’s rewind,

On the way to Vegas on the plane I had a full blown panic attack. The plane ended up getting caught up in a storm that we had to fly above. The turbulance was crazy and I thought we were going to go down. It was a 4 hour flight, that’s the longest I’ve ever been on a plane but it worked out.

Now lets fast forward,

Vegas was like one big party ALL THE TIME! The city was lit up all the time, you were able to walk around with drinks, and there were malls on EVERY corner. The vibe was something I had never experienced before. At first I felt overwhelmed just because it was so much to do. When you walked down the street there were people who wanted to take pictures with you but you tipped them. Then you had the club and party promoters. I just felt like I was being pulled everywhere. Not to mention THE HEAT!

Jesus it was hot as HELL! Even when you went in the shade it was still hot. I think I showered like 3 or 4 times a day lol, foreal though.

What To Do!

Now once settled things kind of calmed down and I was able to map out my day better. So what are some of the things I did?

  1. The Hersey Chocolate Factory

  2. The Coke Cola Factory

  3. Malls

  4. Day Pool Partys

  5. Drias (Seen Trey Songz perform)

  6. The CSI Experience

  7. The Ice Bar

  8. The Wax Museum

  9. M&M World

  10. Exploring the strip!

All those things were some of the things you can experience in Vegas now out of the list Drias had to be my favorite of course! I love Trey Songs, always have since I was a teenager this was the second time I’ve seen him and I was not disappointed. Not only that Drias was a huge party, everyone was popping bottles having a good time. They always have someone different every night. They also have day pool parties as well. If you ever go to Vegas I would former make this one of my stops.

The Wax Museum was probably my second favorite thing! The wax figures were so life like, they looked just like the real people. Whoever created these figures had talent and I salute them. Not only that the tickets were affordable! I highly recommend you going if you ever visit Vegas.

Now next thing I enjoyed was the CSI experience. I wasn’t able to take pictures but it was a fun thing to do, especially if you’re into crime and mysteries or if you just enjoy the show. They give you different clues and facts and you have to find the criminal. There were three different missions you could chose from as well. The whole experience was fun and not to challenging. It made you think forsure, too!

Last the M&M and Hersey Chocolate factories were neat. I have a huge sweet tooth so being around a lot of candy was nice for me. It’s something fun for every age too.

Overall I would give my trip to Vegas a 10/10. It’s not a place I would be able to live but I would forsure go again for vacation!

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