Here we are in the third month of the year and I already felt like I needed to recharge and regroup. February was a month of self-doubt and feeling lost but I’m back.

So let’s talk about what changed.

First thing was I stayed away from Facebook as much as I could. One thing I constantly saw on my TL was a whole bunch of clout chasin’ and dick riding. I saw a lot of arguing over stuff that just didn’t seem worth it, I saw a lot of fake love, I saw a lot of things that were just draining. So what did I do, I stayed away. Instead of constantly being on social media, I took a step back from it. I tried to only be on it to promote my work and that’s it. That helped me gain a lot of energy back. Instead of constantly feeling drained I was able to regroup.

Second, I took a step back from blogging and my podcast. I knew that I was no good to anyone if I wasn’t in the right head space so I had to take a mental break. Even know I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about today, here I am telling my story for the last month. Taking a mental step back and planning helped me figure out where exactly I wanted to go when it came to Chat It Up With Tay. February was for me to get rid of the bad energy and bring the positive back into my life, so that’s what I did.

Working with a clouded mind is something that will hurt you, no matter what you’re trying to do. When your mind is foggy, clouded, whatever you want to call it, everything you try to do will be blocked. It drags you down and it makes it harder for you to accomplish anything. Last month I barely worked on my business, I didn’t want to write, I didn’t do my blog or podcast, but did I give up. HELL NO, I took a step back. Not everyone is strong all the time, sometimes people fall down and it may take a few times to get back up. The key though is to GET BACK UP. The only time you truly fail is when you stay down or give up.

There was even a point where I wanted to give up writing. It’s hard staying above the game, it’s hard growing your reading base, it’s hard competing in an industry where there are thousands of people but then I realized you don’t have to compete. Find a lane and make it yours. The only person you should be competing with is YOURSELF. So that’s what I did. I found my lane and I started making it work for me. Now my goal is to grow that lane.

Don’t let the negative thoughts win, don’t let a foggy mind influence you. If you’re ever in a space where you don’t know your next move or you don’t think you’re doing good enough then, go journal. Journaling was something I also did. It helped me express myself when I didn’t know how. It was a way for me to get my private thoughts out and keep them private. Having a voice doesn’t always have to be vocal, as long as you can get that voice out their someway, it’ll help.

So I encourage everyone reading this, if you ever feel like you want to give up, or not get back up OVERCOME IT. Take a step back and get your mind right but DO NOT GIVE UP. They always say your toughest battles come when you’re the closest to making it.

β€œWhen life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up. -Les Brown

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