First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

So let’s talk about what 2019 hopefully will bring.  

Wealth, great mental and physical health, new opportunities, success, and happiness. 

So to bring in the New Year I made a huge announcement. I recently started my own company, Branded By Tay. It was something I went back and forth with for a little while but with a little encouragement and support from trusted love ones I decided to take that jump. At the age of 24 I am a business owner, so does it stop? Heck no, now I’m at a point where I have to Brand my business to make others want to work with me over others in the same field. So my 2019 is getting my company off the ground and gaining the trust of clients so they’ll not only refer me to friends and other people but also, so they’ll return as customers.

Next my writing, recently I went through a stage where I just couldn’t connect to any book I was writing so I had to ask myself and others what changed? The problem was I started writing for everyone but me. I was so focused when it came to making high on the charts that I was writing what I thought would sell over what I knew was something people would read. So part of 2019 is getting back connected with my writing, as well as revamping it. I want to make my books longer, I also want to be more descriptive and broaden my words, and also would like to, of course, hit number one this year.

Another thing when it comes to writing is my blogs, I want to get them along with my podcast, Chat It Up With Tay, on a bigger playing field and really get the name, Chat It Up With Tay, out there to a bigger audience and even try to get paid for it.

The last thing for 2019 I am working on is minding the business that pays me. I can’t tell y’all how much time I have waisted stalking celebrity blog and gossip sites. Or watching whatever drama is going on, on my social media TLs. I have spent hours, literally, reading comments, going from page to page, just so I can put together what exactly was going on, In doing that I lost out on a lot of time I could have put elsewhere, a lot of energy I could have given to something else, money I could have made because I could have been writing or doing something that was benefiting my career. This past week I limited myself from being on blog sites and LET ME TELL YOU! I have gotten SO much more work done, I’ve been able to create a writing schedule that won’t have me burned out as well as make time to work on my business. I never realized how much time and energy I wasted until last night before I went to sleep, I looked on Shade room for the first time in a couple days and I saw how much I didn’t see or know, but the UPSIDE is I got so much work completed in that time!

So for 2019, the motto is Booked & Busy, and Too Busy, Being Busy. I plan to make my name standout this year, I plan to grow my own personal brand, as well as improve and continue to grow mentally and spiritually. Protecting my energy is a HUGE thing for me this year. With all the negative things I endured last year I want nothing but good vibes and people around me this year.

So you guys let me hear it. What are some things you plan on accomplishing this year, as well as how you plan on making them happen? Let’s make 2019 count and all succeeded!

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