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I’m 23 years old and in my generation being a relationship means your significant other has to post you on there social media. If they don’t then they have something to hide. Is this true ? Ladies if your boyfriend doesn’t post a picture of you two do you think he’s trying to hide your relationship? Is he trying to hide you? Does being posted on social media show value in your relationship?

Another thing is a lot of people say social media ruins relationships. Why? Because if you see your boyfriend liking another girls pictures too much is it an issue. If you see girls liking his picture does it both you? A lot of people want to follow “relationship goals” instead of being there own goals. A lot of cheating also happens through social media. So my question is, is social media ruining relationships or are people too invested in social media and portraying an image on it.  

My personal opinion we base too much from what we see on social media. We’re so quick to go look at someone Facebook or Instagram to try to see if our significant other is talking to other people, myself included. We are too invested on trying to show other people that our relationship is perfect instead of just being happy. We see these youtube couples, reality TV show couples, and social media couples and want that life. We don’t realize that if we’re just happy with partner then we’re good.

We don’t have to post of boyfriend everyday to prove anything anyone. we don’t have to show them off everyday on our snapchats to show that our relationships are real. If your boyfriend dosnt’t have you all on the IG don’t be so quick to think they’re trying to hide you. Some people are private people. A lot of issues don’t start in relationships until you get posted. That’s when the people lurking try to cause issues just because your happy.

So back to the original question does social media define your relationships? Do you have to post your partner in order to prove your love or show the relationship is “goals” . Does social media impact your relationship in everyday life? Let me hear your thoughts.

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  1. This is a great topic. I am 37 and have been with my husband since I was 18.(married for 13 years) Social media is just that, a way for us to socialize and network with others. I believe if the relationship has trust and understanding, nothing (not even social media) can break it.

    1. True! Sadly in my generation, social is a way to validate. It hurts a lot of relationships too. 13 years is long time and I’m happy it’s worked out for you. I think if couples kept social media out their relationships they can have longevity too.

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