Cardi B and Nicki fight and Facebook went nuts. Your friend starts a business and you barely share their page. MgK and Eminem create diss tracks and I see a million post of the songs and lyrics.

I get asked all the time what’s one of the hardest things about being a writer and I can honestly say realizing that support isn’t always there but it’s okay. Everyone wants to eat but not everyone wants to help create the pie. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when you feel as though no cares about what you’re passionate about or about what you’re trying to do to better yourself.

I recently shared my website and blog links and could barely get anyone to share them or click them. That same day I shared a video of Cardi B’s newest feature in a video and I have over 100 shares in ONE HOUR. It’s amazing how we can support and uplift these celebrities that do nothing for us but we can’t do it for people we know in real life.

My advice to everyone that feels like they can’t do something because of lack of support, STOP! Get that thought out your head. You can have 10 people who encourage, share or spread the word about what you’re doing and that’ll work. The people they tell will spread the word, then they’ll spread the word and the chain continues. Never let the lack of support stop you from doing anything. In this day and age if you aren’t famous or a somebody no one notices you but if you continue to perfect your craft and grind hard then you’ll be able to look back at those same people and tell them I MADE IT!

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